Kordon LLC Dr. Tim's Aquatics Common Area (Use TBD) Great Ocean Wonders Illumination Technologies Emergency Exit Parenting OC Magazine Aqua Medic Coral Oasis Jelliquarium Evolution LED Lighting Reef Koi Corals Emergency Exit 300-Gallon Seawater Container (for topoff and waterchanges) Reef On Speaker's Reception Lounge SoCaliReefs.com CaribSea CoralRx Storage Room SeaChem ZooMed Special Lobby Booth available for $2,000 Ecological Laboratories Redsea Karen Talbot Art Hydor Aquatech Neptune Systems Two Little Fishies Southern California Nano Reef Society Hobbyist Booths available for $300 each until Jan. 15, 2011 Utah Marine Aquarium Society 20'x20' Quad Booth available for $3,200 (special purchase) Las Vegas Valley Reefers National Marine Fisheries Service Central Coast Reef Keepers San Diego Marine Aquarium Society 10'x10' booth available for $1,000 Marineland/Instant Ocean Hamilton Lighting Sunlight Supply Central Coast Reef Club Eheim North America Stewart's Frag Farm 4-H Club Nano Customs Koven Aquatics 20'x10' booth available for $1,800 10'x10' booth available for $1,000 Instant Reef Sera USA Digital Aquatics Lighthouse Aquatics Reef Wholesale Food Cart 20'x10' booth available for $1,800 VIP Exhibitor's Lounge EcoSystem Fins and Critters Hikari Sales - USA Boyd Enterprises Age of Aquariums FinZone and 8-ft. Children's Touch Tank Cashier and Information Booth Aquatic-Heaven Sunday Raffle Display tables Saturday Raffle Display tables 100+ seat audio/video room for Speakers 1 of 2 Cash ATM's available 1 of 2 Cash ATM's available Emergency Exit Emergency Exit Women's Restrooms Interactive Floor Plan - Hover and Click on Booths 10'x10' booth available for $1,000 Men's Rest Rooms Building #18 Floor Plan Reef2Reef.com MAX Show Office 10'x10' booth available for $1,000 Airport Hanger-Style Rolling Doors OC Fair and Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA Marine Aquarium Expo April 10-11, 2010 IVS Innovative Viewing Systems 20'x10' booth available for $1,800 MAIN ENTRANCE Ticket Booth Window (purchase admission HERE!) MAIN EXIT Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Indicates Booth is available for sale Indicates last time floor plan was updated Indicated Booth has already been sold