Dear Friends and Exhibitors:

We are happy to announce that we are now officially accepting reservations for the 10th anniversary Marine Aquarium this Spring.   MAX 2017 will still be at Orange County Fair & Events Center on April 1st & 2nd, however it will be held in the Huntington Beach Building. The following paragraphs outline changes for the new MAX 2017 program.

We are reinventing MAX to rally participants for the 2017 show.  As with any organization,  flexibility and resilience help keep up the pace with consumer demand, trends and expectations.  During this past decade, MAX's legacy of imagination and innovation has been reflected in the things never seen before in this industry. However 10 years forward, we find ourselves spending increasingly more money in advertising and promotion to maintain an average attendance.  It is therefore our intention to completely invert the traditional marketing plan in order to foster in a new era for MAX.  These ideas may at first seem extreme, but extreme results are exactly what we are looking for!
Previous MAX shows were, for the most part, organized and operated by a single promoter.  The traditional format consisted of collecting sufficient booth fees that would cover both the venue costs and a comprehensive promotion/advertising plan.   There is nothing wrong with this strategy (like most trade shows, it's typical Push/Pull marketing) However after 10 years of following the same tactics we were bound to reach a point of diminishing returns.  We are therefore going to flip tradition on its ear and try a completely different approach!
Rather than relying on one single promoter, Imagine if we had 50+ "deputy-promoters" advertising the MAX show! Imagine what can be achieved if we were to pool the collective effort of one large, professional interest group?

We have decided to partner with each and every participating exhibitor  of MAX 2017 to further our mutual interests.  By leveraging the combined effort of multiple participants, we can launch a much stronger word-of-mouth campaign and more effective marketing plan than what we could achieve before.  Minor examples of this plan include Inserting web banners on host websites, posting positive comments in hobby forums, and distributing MAX postcards to state a few. However specialty show discounts, new product launches, and sample give-aways really move the clock for many attendees.  We also intend to add a second raffle each day so as to respond to what our customers want, but here again we will need the support of our mutual clients in order to make this work. 

It is then important to mention that we are not adding to vendors' responsibilities arbitrarily.  This is a shared venture, and  we as show operators are accepting the most significant risk.  To illustrate our commitment in this endeavor, we are making a substantial booth rate reduction for all exhibitors of MAX 2017 as compensation. This is not to suggest that we are reducing our advertising the show; we are actually expanding it by providing incentive to get vendors more involved!

Booth rates for MAX 2017 will be reduced by a full 1/3 from $900 to only $600 per 10'x10' booth!   The rate for double booths is $1200 and quad booths  are $2400 (those 8 booths with asterisks next to the booth number are premium locations, in which a sponsorship is required in order to obtain those special forward-facing lobby booths.)  All other booths are priced exactly as stated at only $600 per 10x10 space.  Electricity rates have also been reduced to only $50 for 10'x10' booths, $75 for 20'x10' double booths, and $100 for 20'x20' quad booths. (all booths include Pipe and drape,8-foot table, fitted table cloth, two chairs, two ID passes, and natural sea water or freshwater upon request)

We ask for only TWO things in exchange for the new booth cost reductions:
1) that you help promote the show as discussed; and 2) that you generously provide a few raffle prizes for the dual raffles each day.


In our effort to encourage increased attendance, we had reduced admission rates for all attendees of MAX 2017 by a full 1/3! The new rate for regular adult admission will be only $10 per adult, $5 per senior/military, and FREE for children 12 years and younger. Additionally, the new building location is immediately adjacent to the OC Marketplace, so those who don't mind walking a short distance may acquire FREE Parking at OCFEC too! The overall cost of participating in MAX 2017 has been substantially reduced.

-  The 10th Anniversary Marine Aquarium Expo is April 1-2, 2017
-  MAX 2017 will be held in the Huntington Beach Building (#12)
-  Booth prices have been reduced by 1/3 to only $600 per 10'x10' booth
   (Exhibitors are expected to promote and advertise the event in exchange)
-  Electricity prices have been reduced as low as $50 for 10'x10' booth
-  Admission prices have been reduced by 1/3 to only $10 per adult
-  Raffle will take place TWICE per day instead on only one.
-  Rear Courtyard of building will provide a new MAX FunZone (details later)
-  Food and Beverage services will be increased significantly
-  Free parking will be made available via parking in adjacent parking lot
-  Cross promotions with OC Marketplace and other Fairgrounds operations

Exhibit Booth prices Slashed by an entire THIRD!
-  10'x10' Single booths are only $600 
-  20'x10' Double booth are only $1200
-  20'x20' Quad booths are $2,400

Electricity Prices Slashed by an entire THIRD! (average)
-  10'x10' 20-amp electricity is only $50
-  20'x10' 20-amp electricity is only $75
-  20'x20' 20-amp electricity is only $100

Admission Prices Slashed by an entire THIRD!
-  Standard Adult Admission is only $10
-  Seniors/Military Admission is only $5
-  Children 12 & under Admission is FREE


 Exhibitor Registration for MAX 2017 is now OPEN!

The New Floor Plan for MAX 2017 can be found by clicking HERE:


1) Register by sending us the following information found HERE:

2) apply a $100 deposit per 10x10 space (check, paypal, or Credit Card)


Contact us via e-mail: or phone: 714-530-1094

We look forward to hearing from you/Join MAX 2017 Today!

MAX Staff